You Hired a Virtual Assistant. Now What?

It seems easy – you went and hired yourself a Virtual Assistant and now everything should fall into place, right?

While it can be a very smooth transition, on the flip side it can also be frustrating if you don’t consider a few details starting out. If you are prepared with specific information to discuss with your VA, you can make a very smooth transition. Keep reading to find out some tips on navigating the transition successfully.

Create a list of tasks that you want to delegate

  • This might seem simple but once you see on paper (or computer screen) what you are willing to delegate, you might be surprised just how much there is.

Calculate how many hours you are needing and prepared to pay your VA

  • Because you made the smart decision to work with a VA, you understand their value. However, you also have a budget and need to be realistic. Let your VA know how much time you think each task should take or how much time you want your VA to spend on that task…again be realistic. This can be extremely helpful for a task such as research.

Make sure you understand your VA’s hours of operation

  • If you have specific tasks that are time-sensitive, this needs to be made clear up-front so there is no confusion later. In general, it is helpful to give a deadline on tasks so your VA knows and can plan accordingly.

Decide which method(s) of communication you prefer

  • While some people prefer to text or email, others find it easier to have a discussion over the phone or virtually. Most VA’s will communicate whatever way you prefer.

Be open to suggestions

  • While your specialty is the business you have created, your VA has a specialty as well…which is why you hired them in the first place! Listen to what they have to say and consider any suggestions they make to help your business be more efficient.

Overall, it is important to have a good rapport right from the start with your Virtual Assistant. It will make the transition much easier if you are both clear on what is expected from both of you and work as a team to achieve your goals.

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