7 Powerful Do’s and Don’ts of Working from Home

7 Powerful Do’s and Don’ts of Working from Home

Are you considering working from home? Maybe you already are but struggling? According to FoxBusiness, “Working from home can lead to increased productivity, if you work smarter.” There are many benefits to working from home. Not only can it optimize productivity, but it can also increase your motivation and effort, improve health, and give you a better work-life balance. Below are a few tips you can follow to make it work for you!

  • DO create a routine. By setting a schedule (and sticking to it), you will accomplish more.

  • DO have a set workspace or office. If you keep this space organized and dedicated to work only, you will find yourself less likely to be distracted.

  • DO stand up for at least part of the day. It has been proven that there is a significant increase in productivity from those standing workers in comparison to those sitting at a desk. (In addition, you can burn extra calories. Bonus!!)

  • DO follow a work/life balance plan. Set boundaries for you and your family as well as specific times for work. By not allowing yourself to work at any and all times, you are separating and keeping the balance.

  • DON’T procrastinate. Even if the deadline for a project is several weeks out, incorporate this work into your calendar to allow you to complete the task before the deadline.

  • DON’T let email distract you. Most likely it is necessary for you to check your email several times throughout your workday, but do not let this become a distraction. It will be more efficient to set aside time on your schedule once or twice a day to handle email.

  • DON’T become disorganized. It can be easy to start out organized but end up in chaos by the end of the day. Keep things in order throughout the day to avoid extra time at the end of your workday to put things back in order.

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