Is The "Stack Method" of Email Organization for You?

Stack Method? What is that, right? This type of email organization was designed by Prasanth Nair. “Your email habits and lack of a good system could be slowing you down considerably.” His method is based on the thinking that emails should be considered actions and not messages. Nair sets up folders based on actions. Read on to learn more about the Stack
Method and setting it up to work for you.

Set up folders

Set up 3-6 folders named with a specific action and numbered in importance. Nair
suggests using the 5 below to get started. Then add or delete folders that make more
sense for you.

                      1. Reply – emails that require a response
                      2. Forward – emails that can be passed on to someone else to handle
                      3. Meet – events that need to be added to a calendar
                      4. Review – newsletters, etc
                      5. Do – things that need done

Opening email for the first time each day

When you open your email for the first time each day, simply move emails from your
Inbox to their correct folder based on what action is needed. Then you go through each
folder taking care of those actions. It is quicker to tackle all items in one folder before
moving to the next because your mind is already in the mode to complete that specific

Throughout the day

At this point, for the remainder of your workday you will work from your Inbox. You can
take care of emails as they come in and/or move anything to your action folders that can
be tended to the next workday.

Still unsure if the Stack Method is for you? Need help setting it up? Or maybe this isn’t for you but not sure how to organize your email?


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