How To Be Healthy When Working From Home

Working from home can allow you more flexibility, less stress, and a better life-work balance. ComfyLiving predicts “… that working from home will be a part of the way forward, even after the pandemic.” However, there can certainly be a struggle to reach a healthy balance in your life as well as your health. In a poll done by RSPH, 45% said working from home was better for health and well-being.

Good news is that there are quick, simple things you can focus on to feel better both mentally and physically. There are good habits you can start immediately to keep yourself from falling into bad a bad routine. Being healthy, both mentally and physically, will allow you to continue to be successful in your business or job.

⟶ For Mental Health

  • Have a designated work area
  • Schedule personal time daily on your calendar
  • Set limits on your working hours

⟶ For Physical Health

  • Choose a good chair or use a standing desk
  • Walk around at least once an hour
  • Stock up on healthy snacks and drinks

It is important to remember that even small changes can make a huge impact. Don’t get overwhelmed and try to make huge changes quickly. Start with these few changes and slowly incorporate other positive habits. Before you know it, these changes will become part of your new, healthy routine.

If you need help getting started or creating a better healthier work-from-home environment, contact Schwab Virtual Assistant Services.

Photo by S Migaj on Unsplash


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