4 Best Practices for Effective Calendar Management

Are you using a calendar but not feeling like it is working for you? You are not alone. Many people set up a calendar because they think they should have one but do not know how to use it effectively.

According to Entrepreneur John Rampton “…your calendar habits can make or break your success and your productivity.” If you need time to do something, then it needs to be on the calendar. If you are struggling with effectively managing your schedule, read on to learn some best practices you can incorporate now to improve the management of your calendar.

Add personal appointments

You may think you will remember that you have a doctor’s appointment, but once your day gets started it might slip your mind and you will schedule something else at the same time.

Schedule “me” time.

“Me” time is extremely important. You will be more likely to actually have this time if you schedule it in. It might seem unnecessary but how many times do you want to take a quick 20-minute walk outside but never get to actually do it? Again, if you need time to do something, then it needs to be on your calendar.

Learn to say No

Just because someone has requested a meeting with you or invited you to an event does not mean you need to accept their request.

Tend to conflicts quickly

Even the most organized can end up with an overlap of time. It is very important to resolve as quickly as possible. Contact the involved party and see about pushing back the beginning of the meeting time or reschedule if necessary.


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