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Case Study – Let’s Build Talent and Achieve VA

Jill Lutz of Let’s Build Talent and Achieve VA The owner of Let’s Build Talent was looking to start a second business to further help small businesses and job seekers. She needed help to effectively launch the new business as well as continue to run the current one.

About Let’s Build Talent

Already a successful owner of Let’s Build Talent, Jill Lutz was offering Talent Strategy and Recruiting for Small Businesses, Solopreneurs, and Online Business Owners as well as Career Coaching for Job Seekers. During her career in HR, she noticed that small businesses needed help hiring but there were not many resources for them. She also realized she had a passion for helping job seekers and those changing career paths. After her success with Let’s Build Talent, a client encouraged her to start her own agency. She felt she could do more for those job seekers and help out small businesses at the same time…so the idea of creating a second business was born and Jill started Achieve Virtual Assistants (Achieve VA). Her idea to create a network of virtual assistants who went through a process of interviewing, skill testing, etc, was becoming a reality. Unfortunately so was the reality that there were not enough hours in the day to continue with her business while building another. There was research to be done, information to track, templates to be created, emails to send and follow up on, and the list continued to grow.

Enter Schwab Virtual Assistant Services, LLC

Schwab Virtual Assistant Services, LLC provided the support that Jill needed. By giving the “back end” work to SchwabVA, Jill was able to free up more time on her schedule to work on networking and growing both of her businesses. By hiring Schwab Virtual Assistant Services, Jill was able to launch Achieve VA, start accepting applications and continue to work with clients as their own needs grew under the Let’s Build Talent umbrella.
I wanted to focus on networking and driving new business to either Let’s Build Talent or Achieve VA. With Anne’s help, I have been able to do that.

I am happy to have Anne on my team overall. I like that she is super organized, works efficiently and quickly, has a great attitude, and is always willing to help with whatever I need to be done. It’s great to have someone who gets you and knows you are busy and can help out in a pinch!
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