3 Ways to Celebrate Holidays and Your Team - Remotely

It’s the holiday season! Your business has grown, and you want to do something nice for your team. You want to thank them for their hard work and do something fun with them. Are you wondering how you do this when your team lives in different locations across the country? Here are some quick ideas on how to have fun with your team and even their families.

1. Hold a Remote Holiday Celebration

  • Invite your team, their kids, and their significant others to join in
  • Encourage any of your team that live near each other to gather and log into the holiday celebration together
  • Ask everyone to join the remote celebration with their favorite beverage and some snacks
  • Offer a prize for the Ugliest Holiday Sweater or Best Holiday Outfit
  • Play holiday-themed games

2. Holiday Games

  • Holiday Trivia – Send an email to your team individually asking them a set of questions. Put together a trivia game based on those questions and answers. See who gets the most correct. You can even award a prize.
  • Get creative! Find a way to interact with your team in a fun way.

3. Send Thank You Cards

  • Your team members probably won’t expect a card but will be pleasantly surprised to receive it. Make sure to include a personal note about how they have helped you and your business this year.
  • If you can, include a small gift for each of your team members with a personalized note. Maybe a box of their favorite candy or a gift card to their favorite coffee place.

If you need help planning your Holiday Celebration, Contact Schwab Virtual Assistant Services to help you.


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